Piano Tuning

Ernie Storey piano tuner

We have our own in house piano technicians, who are fully qualified in all aspects of piano maintenance – which includes, tuning, repairs, and all necessary adjustments.

Ernie Storey has over 25 years experience. Ernie holds a Bachelor of Music degree from the University of Toronto and also graduated from the Piano Technician Course at George Brown College with honors. Ernie tunes pianos using the traditional aural method rather than using an electronic tuner.

Over the years Ernie have tuned for many professional pianists as well as piano teachers, their students, area school systems, churches and many hundreds of other satisfied piano owners.

Customers are always telling us about how satisfied they were with Ernie and the piano service he does.

Michael Telep, the owner has been involved in the piano industry for over 40 years, and is involved in all aspects of piano service – tuning, rebuilding , refinishing, moving, etc..