Piano Rentals

TELEP Pianos & Clocks can provide you with a piano rental for any occasion.

(905) 433-1491

  • Grand Pianos, Upright Pianos and Digital Pianos available to rent..

  • All of our rental pianos are tuned before going out on rental.

  • Come visit our showroom and select the piano you would like to rent.

Piano Type Event (1-3 days)
Acoustic Grand Piano (6’8″) $1195.00 plus tax
Acoustic Grand Piano ( 5’7 – 6’1″) $795.00 plus tax
Acoustic Grand Piano (4’11”- 5’3″) $695.00 plus tax
Acoustic Upright Piano (under48″) $595.00 plus tax
Digital Grand Piano $495.00
Digital Upright Piano $395.00

Please Note: There may be extra moving charges for weekends, holidays, after hour delivery, stairs, extended waiting times or delivery outside of our General Service Area.


  • Not Sure if your kids will stick with piano lessons?
  • Not Sure if you should buy a acoustic or digital piano?
  • Not Sure if you should buy a new or used piano?These are common questions we hear from customers who are purchasing their first piano.

    If you are not 100% sure of what piano you should purchase than don’t!

    If you make a mistake and buy the wrong kind of piano, or if the piano ends up not getting played, then you have a piano you now have to sell.

    We have a unique” rent to own” plan we can offer you. You will be able to have a piano or digital piano in your home without a large cash outlay.

  • First we assist you in deciding which piano would be best suited for your needs.
  • We rent the piano to you at a low cost. (from $58.00 per month and up depending on model)
  • You can rent up to a maximum of one year. (You will know in this length of time if this was the right choice for you)
  • We apply 100% of all rental payments towards the purchase price if you decide to buy.
  • You are under no obligation to buy the piano you are renting and can return it at any time. (We require first and last months rent up front)
  • You know exactly what the piano will cost . There are no hidden charges.
  • We offer rebates if you purchase early.

All our pianos and digital pianos in our showroom are available for rent including used ones. proud to offer acoustic pianos on a monthly rental and rental-to-purchase basis.


We also have a unique rent to own plan where we apply 100% of all rental payments towards the purchase price if you decide to buy.

Visit us a telep.ca/rentals.

“Hi, Just a quick note to let you know that we just love our piano. We could never have owned one if it wasn’t for your rent to own, Thank you so much!”

Dorthy & Frank Homen