Piano Moving

TELEP Pianos & Clocks piano moving truck

Unloading Upright Piano

Telep Pianos has over 40 years experience in moving pianos of all shapes and sizes. Our experienced staff takes pride in relocating your piano from one location to another.

Fully Equipped piano Moving Truck

Fully Equipped piano Moving Truck

Our moving truck is fully insured and equipped with the quality equipment necessary to move your piano safely. If necessary, we can dismantle and reassemble your piano.

TELEP Pianos & Clocks Warehouse

TELEP Pianos & Clocks Warehouse

Telep Pianos is also able to store your piano in our heated warehouse if need be.

How much does it cost to move a piano?

There are many variables that affect the price of a piano move such as:

  • type pf piano (grand or upright).
  • size of piano (length of grand – height of upright).
  • internal move (moving inside the same home or building from one area to another), i.e. from the living room to the dining room.
  • external move (travel time & mileage between locations).
  • stairs (how many and are there any turns in the stairs).
  • terrain (pavement , sidewalk, grass, gravel, slope of hill , etc.).
  • piano disassembly and reassembly ( to get around a corner or out of a basement).
  • extra crew ( depends on difficulty of the move).

For a quote on a move please call.

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Ask us a question about your particular piano move or service and we will get back to you as soon as we can.